Chi siamo

The company with a difference!

In a colourful world of real estate, where everyone wants the best ; to find the ideal house, dream apartment or a business premises, we help all sorts of clients to make their dreams come true! Don´t know where to look? How to start? Our role is to be with you from your „first steps“ until completion of your purchase and to your satisfaction. In the Real Estate Business, responsibility and understanding towards customers and know-how of the area is of extreme importance. To know who to contact and in whom have the confidence and of course to find you the best opportunity, save time and transform the search for real estate in to a fun and pleasurable experience.

For us,every customer is special and important.It all begins with you and your desires.The criteria by which you wish to start your search.We enter every working relationship with the knowledge and determination to satisfy you and all our customers making the whole process of the search to a satisfying sightseeing, all the way, taking an active part in every step of the process and also helping you safely through the process of signing contracts.

This is where we differ from other agencies.Because from the moment that you knock on our door till moment you step into your new apartment,we take care of all your worries!Anything except your final decision of what real estate to buy.Leave everything else to us.We have experience and have shown through the years and through satisfied customers that this kind of access to the real estate market is the one that rules!We offer to our clients a secure purchase and we are present all the way,also after signing of contracts for any services,insurance,renovation,storage of keys and also for renting through our tourism agency.

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